Bonnem Paper /

Client: Bonnem Paper
Project type: Website
What we did: Interface/UX design, Back-end development, Database integration, Actionscript programming, Front-end development
Date completed: February, 2007

The project

Bonnem Paper produces high-end invitations, announcements and stationary for businesses and individuals. Running off of custom in-house developed templates, customers can personalize their orders with their own text and photos.

The challenge

In order to move their business online, Bonnem needed three things: a flexible system for managing, storing and making their products available for purchase; an easy and intuitive way for customers to create their own products on the website; and an instantaneous method for collecting customers' products and assets once the orders were placed and ready to be sent to the printer.

The solution

We developed a Flash and Ruby on Rails based e-commerce system that went far beyond the traditional online storefront.

In order to ensure that products would appear on the website as their designers intended, we developed a process that would embed all of the font and image positioning data into flash templates with minimal modification from their designers' InDesign documents.

We then developed a custom flash module that allowed customers to embed their own text and photos into the documents, complete with photo editing tools and online help so that customers could lay out their orders with precision. All uploads and text treatments were then embedded into swf and png product shots for later reference by both the customers and the production artists who were responsible for printing the orders.

Finally, when the orders were set to printed, all assets were gathered in zipped files with the proper InDesign template and instructions for the printer. Processing an order was as easy as downloading the placed order and sending it off to be printed.

And just for kicks, we developed a streamlined AJAX-driven shopping cart that allowed orders to be placed with a single page refresh. And once placed, multiple orders could be followed from placement through shipping from a single order status page.