Outcast Communications / outcastpr.com

Client: Outcast Communications
Project: outcastpr.com
Project type: Website [ visit ]
What we did: Interface/UX design, Back-end development, Database integration, Actionscript programming, Front-end development
Date completed: February, 2005

The project

A website for Outcast Communications, a Bay Area public relations firm that works primarily with both venture-funded and established companies in the Silicon Valley tech sector.

The challenge

As a public relations firm, Outcast can talk and talk about the work they've done for their clients; but the real proof is in the articles, videos and media appearances that their clients receive. And so they wanted their website to be more than a client list with a couple of case studies - they wanted demonstrable proof up-front of the day-to-day work they were doing to get their clients ahead.

The solution

We developed a custom content management system that allowed Outcast to manage not just their site content and clients, but which provided a searchable historical archive of all web and print media appearances made by all of their clients over the last several years. This provided not just immediate proof of the work that Outcast is doing everyday to potential clients, but a historical record of the work for Outcast themselves, which they can mine for leads and potential media targeting when new clients are brought on board. Recently, utilizing the APIs of various video sharing websites, we've added support for video media playback and archiving as well.